General Resources

The State of Michigan has supported the development of cyber infrastructure through a coordinated, interagency approach. To learn more about the resources available to entrepreneurs and enterprise alike, take a look at the content below.


Michigan Cyber Initiative

The State of Michigan’s cyber security resource center for residents, businesses, and local government.

Multi State Information Sharing Action Center

Visit the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center to report an incident and receive immediate assistance.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Analysis

Visit the Workforce Intelligence Network’s Website to better understand future workforce demands in the cybersecurity space.

MADCAT-sponsored NDIA cyber security summit

MADCAT sponsored an Autoline segment on the growing importance of cyber security for the automotive and defense industries, featuring:

  • Dr. Anuja Sonalker, Vice President of Engineering/Operations at TowerSec
  • Bryson Bort, Founder and CEO of Grimm
  • Brigadier General Michael Stone, Assistant Adjutant General, Michigan National Guard


Michigan Cyber Initiative 2015

Michigan is a leader in implementing state government cybersecurity measures and in promoting cyber industry growth. Read about our Cyber Initiative below.

MI Cyber Disruption Strategy

Every day, Michigan government detects tens of thousands of unauthorized attempts to probe, scan, and access or disrupt its computer networks. Read about our Cyber Disruption Response strategy below.


CySafe – A Cyber Security Assessment Tool for Government Agencies. To find out more download the PDF.

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