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Macomb County, home to the Arsenal of Democracy, has long been known as an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse driven by automotive innovations since the early 1900s. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technological advancements, the nature of threats to both our national defense and civilian life requires persistent attention to cybersecurity capability.

MADCAT tech hub

Through a grassroots effort, leaders from the government, education, non-profit and private sectors formed the Michigan Automotive and Defense Cyber Awareness Team (MADCAT) in 2014 to address the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches to our region’s primary industries. MADCAT’s aim is to establish Macomb County as a cybersecurity center of excellence and attract businesses and institutions that support the development, growth and retention of our talent pool.

Across the US, cyber security jobs are at a pace to grow 17% from 2010-2020, but in Macomb County that rate is nearly 155%.

These jobs are multipliers – for every new job in cyber security, at least 2 more are created on average.

By 2020, the number of jobs for software developers in Macomb County is on track to grow by 50%. These jobs pay upwards of $35/hr.

Balancing the existing synergy between the automotive and defense industries and the constant threat posed by cyberattacks is key to moving Macomb County, and our region, forward. MADCAT plays a crucial role in serving as a platform for information sharing and problem solving across these communities. Join the conversation and become a member of MADCAT today!

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